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carry texas. >> and the south. eisenhower took texas by 200,000 votes in 1956. the republicans were strong in texas. and eisenhower had also carried four other southern states. kennedy knew-- and he was right-- if he didn't carry texas and get back some of the southern states, he wouldn't win. >> rose: so johnson in effect helped elect kennedy. >> that's one of the forgotten, absolutely forgotten chapters. because johnson makes a campaign through the south. he does an old fashioned whistlestop campaign. he pulls into all these southern towns. the yellow rose of texas is blaring. and the volume is turned up by bobby baker, his secretary of the senate, so it would pull into town and johnson would start speaking, you know, anded he'd give a speech, "we have to have a southerner on the ticket. let's not let the south be forgotten." the train would pull away. johnson wouldn't be finished talking. he once said in a town named cullpepper, as the train is pulling out he said, "what did dick nixon ever do for cullpupper?" >> rose: so they're elected and that begins the period you also chroni
the upper great lakes to the carolina. the heat will be on again from kansas to north texas. and in the lower mississippi valley, highs will be in the high 90s and 100s. in sports this morning, a sunday thrill in the olympics and a solid showing for team usa in basketball. lebron james had 8 assists in a 98-71 victory over france. in swimming, dana vollmer set a new world record while taking the gold in the women's 100 meter butterfly. but the french win the gold as the americans settle for silver. that 1silver is the 17th medal f michael phelps' career. so after the second full day of competition, here is the medal count. china leading the way with 12 total, italy, south korea and france round out the top five. >>> one member of team usa deserves special mention. kim rhode won the medal in skeet shooting and set a record dating back to 1996 when she was still a teenager. medal record back in >> shooter kim rhode wore a smile and her new gold medal after accomplishing what no american ever has. she's the first to win medals at five consecutive olympic games in a non-team spo
be withering. >> a gentleman from texas asked me does it hurt to have your leg chopped off, all right? how can you answer that? three weeks later, a lovely woman from texas, where was sleeping beauty a prisoner. >> these men should not be confused with tour guides, in fact, far from it. there's one big qualification for this job, and that's more than two decades of prior military service, and that makes this job an honor. paul served in the falklands and the first gulf war, and when princess diana died, he acted as pallbearer in front of her coffin. and the new man, clive, is just finishing 19 years with the british military. he's an iraq veteran whose unit is now in afghanistan, and while he misses serving with them, he knows he's serving in a different way. >> i'm a people person, and to come here to the tower and spread the word about our fantastic history, warts and all, i couldn't, you know, think of anything better. >> these are great men, and so if you visit the tower during a visit to london, remember you'll be in the capable hands of a veteran. that is nbc "nightly news" for this sund
. >> reporter: here in the texas panhandle, flip bingham is turning dust into gold. >> the drought sucked the life out of most crops, but the bingham family farm is a bright shot. >> how good is your crop this year? >> fantastic. we have the quality and quantity. >> reporter: bingham is growing grapes they can cool rate drought in fact -- tolerate drought in fact heat makes them sweeter they are so profitable he uses most of his water for the vineyard leaving the cotton crop to survive on rain. >> so you can make 10 times more off of these grapes than your cotton with the same amount of water. >> correct. >> reporter: in fact farmers doubt they will make any profit on cotton this year. >> it is in a word finished. >> reporter: at this farm the plants are small and flowers on top a bad sign. >> they wave the white flag of surrender they are done and it is finished. >> reporter: analysts say texas farmers will likely abandon a third of the cotton crop because of drought damage for most grapes are not an option, starting up costs $10,000 per achier and take 5 years to become productive. >> p
my other journalism. it is also -- i shined a light on odessa, texas, in "friday night lights," and i shined a light on myself with the same standards. i feel if you are going to write -- if you want to call it a memoir, that is fine. it is a personal story. you have to be honest. i mean, honesty, i guess, is brutal. otherwise, what's the point? i have read memoirs and i have to tell you, i feel a lot of them are kind of jiggered here and jiggered there, and everything turns out happily in the end. i didn't want to do that, but i knew that some people would say, whoa, whoa, you are really going deep here, and he's a defenseless little boy. but i wanted to know how much he knew about himself, and i did want to tell him. tavis: when you shined that light on odessa, texas, there are things about itself -- that is to say, the town - >> yes. tavis: things that odessa had to face about itself that it might not have liked so much. >> yes, that is true. tavis: that is an understatement, of course. >> [laughs] i think that is true. tavis: when buzz shines the light on himself on friday or any
employees behind the boat -- behind the wheel of buses and cars were found making illegal turns. texas city has responded. -- >> this city has responded. >> a spokesman says the issue is commonplace. cars racing through this intersection to make a left turn long after the arrow has turned red. as we saw for ourselves this can lead to some very close calls for pedestrians in the crosswalk. >> we see this every day. >> watch as this at brazen bus driver falling behind a police car illegally take a left turn on red. >> is a race to get through the light, not race to stop at the like. >> you have to follow the laws. >> pedestrians obeying the walks signal tried to pass. >> that is that there and let the bus passed right through progress over and over again because bands and even, cruisers running the red light aero at that time is right in front of officers. >> it runs right through the red light and they don't do anything. >> this intersection continues to be a trouble spot for pedestrians like himself. >> i have been nearly hit a couple of times with cars just tearing right around. they are n
mayor gregory ballard. congressman ralph hall of texas chairs this committee hearing. it's about an hour and 50 minutes. >> okay, the committee on science space technology will come to order. and i say good morning to you and welcome. everyone today's hearing on drought forecasting, monitoring and decision-making. a review of the national integrated draft information system, unquote. this hearing is particularly timely as given the current drought conditions that are, in fact, a lot of the country, including much of my home state of texas. i going to take a little of my time out to do a story about pass a bill some five years ago, and i was over in paris, texas, making a speech about it. and when my good good friends over there just put it on me, said congressman, will your bill make it rain? it was dry and hadn't rained in days and days. i thought a minute or so and i said yeah, it will, that section four of the third page. he said really? i said hell no. i just give you a silly answer to a silly question. he was a good friend of mine, but three years later, we had, i mean rainfall that
to texas to see how they are coping this morning. ♪ hi. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. ke your day hes better. ♪ . bill: saying good-bye to the oldest general store in the united states. it is called gray's. it is in little compton, rhode island. went into business in 1788. 224 years later it is closing. it has a new owner, aged 21, inheriting the story after his father died a month ago. the new owner, the son, says he wants to be a sports journalist and will sell the property. heather: that makes me sad. sad story. severe drought in the u.s., getting even worse. take a look at this. the federal government designating another 76 counties as drought disaster areas. that brings the total amount to 1400 counties across 31 states. the lack of rainfall taking a terrible toll on american farms with crops baking in the sun. casey staying gel is live in garland, texas. i imagine pools are pre
refineries that we need in texas, in houston. talk to us about keystone xl pipeline. do you look at america as a place that we can do business with, a free flowing business handshake or is it bound by regulation? >>guest: it is a place where we should do business with each other. we are each other's customers. canada is the best custom of 38 of 50 states. and as the prime minister said you look at keystone xl pipeline it is a no-brainer. it will create jobs at no public expense, and it will ensure greater energy independence. according to the state department study done it could place -- displace 40 percent of the foreign oil we are receiving from the middle east. >>eric: sir, one more question on that. china is interested in your oil as well. you would rather sell your oil to america than china, sir? >>guest: obviously our closest partner, our closest trading relationship is the up. it makes sense for us, we have a deeply integritied economy. our companies operate on both sides. much of the investment is in the oil sense in america and it makes sense for us to have the first relationship i
oklahoma, even north texas is now quickly shifting back into a bad drought. and when you're really dry, the soil has no moisture in it, doesn't really help you cool. it's almost like a desert effect. usually the plants and the trees and the shrubbery help cool things off. but with everything so bone dry, it's easily with the sun up today going to get from 105 to 110 today from dallas to kansas all the way back over through arkansas. and even as we shift to tomorrow, there's no relief in sight. there's no rain in sight either. i mean, this area of the country just got a feel for all the people that their livelihoods depend on rainfall. talking the ranchers all the way through all the farmers. forecast for the northeast, you get a dry day today. a beautiful day, figures after a rainy, wet weekend in many spots. d.c., a slight chance of a storm. for the most part, you're dry. coastal areas of south carolina, florida and north carolina, late in the evening or early in the morning, you look just fine today. luke, a little preview of tomorrow does show some of those storms returning for the
. host: marcia's joins us from texas -- marcia joins us from texas. caller: i am independent and i did vote for obama. this is an election year and there is a problem with jobs and the economy. bring home those troops will cause a big problem in terms of the economy. i believe things will change after this election if obama is elected. i don't think things will change until after the election. this is a political environment. thank you so much for your call. host: how much are you thinking about the issue of afghanistan as you look at candidates and think about your vote? caller: i am kind of on the fence. no matter who vote for, i probably will be holding my nose a little be it. as far as afghanistan, that money should not be spent the re. no matter how much we think we know, we do not know what the bargain was in terms of afghanistan and why that money was promised. i think we need to wait and see what happens after the election. host: thank you for sharing your perspective. you can: about the inspector general report. democrats can call and 202-737- 0001. republicans, 202-737-0002.
digits in texas. >>> coming up negs after the break, a bad weekend for one ceo who just lost $150 million. >> that one is going to hurt a little bit. >> whoo! >> but good news for travelers. air fares on the verge of a dip. >>> and fear not all you "modern family" fans out there, the feud is over. the cast is getting a very healthy raise. >>> welcome back, everybody. it's a homecoming of sorts for the stock market today. for the first time in almost three months, the dow jones industrial average opening above 13,000. it gained 188 points on friday because of enkourning news from europe and a government report showing the economy did not slow as much as had been feared. >>> a problem with the new 787 dreamliner jet. debris from an engine started a grass fire over the weekend. five of the planes have been grounded. boeg says it still has confidence in its new jet. >>> and watch for airfares to come down soon, at least for a little wile. travel website farecompare cease drop in prices. the demand this summer seems to be down a little. airlines are likely to hold off on more fare hike attempt
will be dry. the heat will be on from kansas to north texas. and the lower mississippi valley highs will be in the high 90s and 100s. >>> a solid showing for team usa in basketball. kevin durant led the way with 22 points, lebron james had a victory. tomorrow in swimming, dana vollmer set a new world record while taking the gold in the women's 100 meter butterfly. but the french winning the gold as the americans settle for silver. that silver is the 17th for michael phelps' career. here the the medal count. china leading the way with 12 total, including 6 gold. the u.s. in second with 11 total. italy, south korea and france round out the top five. in doing so, she set a con sective medal record back in 1996 when she was still a teenager. >> reporter: she wore a smile and a new gold medal after accomplishing what no american never had. she's the first to win medals in five consecutive olympic games in a non-team sport. >> it's just overwhelming. it's just something like you're pinching yourself. is this real? it's just incredible. it just seems like a dream. there's just no words to
's in the article. host: barbara, good morning, republican line from western texas, good morning. caller: good morning, gentlemen. the first caller i heard, about hiding mitt romney hiding something, well, obama is hiding something bigger that was negated in his presidency. i speak to sheriff arapao's secretary this spring and found out lately that they had a news release on the investigation into obama's birth certificate and found out that the coding system that is dictated by the federal government in 1961 is not the same codingna they used on the short form or the long form that he presumably presented to the press. and they spoke to the lady who had supposedly signed the birth certificate, a verna k. lee, and she said no, the coding is absolutely wrong on his apparent birth certificate. host: thank you for the call. this issue continues to come up. this morning, david maris addressing the birth certificate and also his religious upbringing, called the audacity of doubt, conspiracy theorists about obama heed neither facts nor reason. guest: look, the facts are clear. it's really sort of si
and texas. 104 in memphis, tennessee. you factor in the humidity it feels even worse. we are expecting heat index values to make it up to 115 degrees. meaning when you head out the door it will feel like 115. very dangerous conditions across arkansas louisiana. we have a number of heat advisories for today and we are expecting the heat to continue for the next couple days. heat advisories will remain into effect. 80 percent of the u.s. is abnormally dry. not much warmer across parts of the northeast. you can see the showers burning up later on today. >> oo it is 11 minutes near the top of the hour. nearly 4 decades later old glory is proudly waiving. new images from space showing those american flags planted up there on the moon they are still standing strong. >> that is fantastic. i like the symbolism. >> for many of you this morning you are probably getting ready to head out the door to go to work or school or something. there's something out there that talks about road rage it may have you steering clear of a certain sex. the results of this one are going to sur pruz you. @ñ >> welcome
kansas to oklahoma to texas, this is going to probably be one of the hottest weeks of the summer. eastern seaboard, a dip in the jet stream. you're still warm. a lot of thunderstorms right along the carolina coastline. that will be the pattern this week. we're not going to see anything too hot in the east. heat advisories from oklahoma city to dallas. all the way from new orleans back up to little rock. this is where the heat will be worst as we go throughout the day today. how hot will it be? check out the temperature in wichita, kansas, up to 108 today. could even be near 110 right around tulsa from 105 oklahoma city to dallas. little rock's been above 100 day after day. 107 today around little rock, ridiculous. it's pretty humid around new orleans up into areas of alabama and mississippi, too. i tell you what, dallas, this week, 105 all the way to about 100 right through friday. so it doesn't look like any relief is coming. thankfully in kansas city, we do have a few thunderstorms this morning. we'll take whatever rain we can get. it's not drenching the whole area but from st. joseph t
is baking. wichita is baking and now the heat has shifted down into texas. this quasi frontal system is huge for some of the folks that had so much hot, hot weather. northern-central plains and into the midwest and this will be the setup, too, for the next several days. so, we'll stay nearly normal with the temperatures in the unsettled each day and some upper 60s in the subissues and otherwise on the muggy and mild side. again, tomorrow is much like today and a mix of clouds and sun. the temperatures in the upper 80s and we'll warm up a little bit thursday, friday, and saturday, and nothing extreme and that is as for us. >> and -- . >> and that is back there eating it. >> you're stock piling, are you? >> that's right. >> and thank you, gary. we appreciate it. >>> and light go to redskins park. >> and rg3 wrapped up a second press conference this preseason with the media and some -- and he feels better now compared to the otas and minicamp and it's funny, he credits the defense and said the coaches were throwing the whole gamut at him and making him a better quarterback and has good chemistr
at the big ridge of high pressure over oklahoma, north texas and kansas i should say, with showers and storms up and over that. scattered showers and storms off the carolina coast. winds more out of the east that will keep our temperatures from being too warm. as we get into the afternoon the winds hit the blue ridge and some of the mountains out west. pop up showers there maybe one or two by the bay. spotty showers this afternoon, nothing terribly widespread. quieter tonight with mostly cloudy skies, more storms, especially in the mountains tomorrow more area wide coverage come wednesday. today green, good, 88 degrees, isolated showers and storms. 60s and 70s tonight. yellow alert days. tomorrow probably green to yellow borderline with a couple of storms 86. 8 wednesday, we get back to the 90s with a cup of storms by wednesday. >>> howard good morning everybody. i don't have any major incidents to report early this monday morning, i'm happy to say. if you are planning to head northbound on i-95, you are seeing a bit of yellow here. let's take a live look closer in springfield you are running
, 111. that leaves south carolina, kentucky, tennessee, south dakota, texas, all of which in all likelihood are solid romney states. still in various different categories because we don't have polling in the states. if the they're all solid romney as i think joe and i would agree they are, we have 180 solid romney states to 179 obama states. this is tight as a tick. while there has been minor move in the the last week, for the first time in april there has been movement, more movement in electoral college votes for obama than romney. this is still tight as a tick. nothing is set in concrete. yes, money is going to matter. >> bret: yeah. >> deployment of money is going to matter. what we have essentially since may 15 when obama began tv advertising he will spend by the end of july, by tomorrow, north of $130 million. on the other hand, that is between obama and the dnc and outside allies. romney and outside allies will outspend that by a small amount. somewhere slightly north of $145 million. obama is looking for a cash advantage. sort of overwhelm romney in the months after he se
meters winning that gold medal in world record time. dana vollmer, the 24-year-old from texas. also in the pool, the men's 4 x 100 relay. the americans had the lead. michael phelps swam a great second leg. ryan lochte went into the pool as the lead and was caught by the frenchman. so the french take the gold there and the americans settle for silver. lochte won the gold against phelps a couple days ago but cooped ho couldn't hold on in the anchor leg. team usa beating up on france. france had tony parker, but that obviously wasn't enough. kevin durant 22 points, 9 rebounds. tomorrow they play tunisia. that should be a quick game there. jordyn wieber, the great american gymnast, expected by a lot of people maybe to win a gold medal here, will not even advance. she did not qualify to make the finals. you see her there in tears. she was defeated by aly raisman who, by the way, is her best friend. after advancing onto the finals, raisman also in tears. she felt so bad for wieber saying i know how bad she wanted this. wieber will get another shot in the women's team gymnastics final. fou
west by a half game. >>> at the top of the division runs hard to come by in texas. the rangers with nelson cruz at third and one out against the white sox. gavin floyd throws to third to get michael young. but adam dunn breaks away. no error was charged on the play as young was credited with an rbi. they up their lead over the second place athletics to 4-1/2 game. >>> training camp going full blast for the 49ers in santa clara. today coach harbaugh took exception with some comments that had been written about a.j. jenkins. the rookie had been credited by some as being a disappointment. this was one of those days. >> for those you know describes, pundints so called experts who have gone to say he's going to be a bust, just stop. recommend that because they're making themselves look more clueless than they already did. go on record, aj is going to be outstanding football player. you can track some of these names so called experts who are making these comments and there's going to be an i told you so. and i forsee that happening. >> i can't tell you what to do. if you want to keep
when hillary clinton was winning big states like texas, california, ohio, and pennsylvania, and president obama was winning smaller states, and even those hillary clinton won over sometimes over 50% of the vote obama got a fair share of the delegates. some estimated if the jackson rules were not in place, perhaps, obama wouldn't have gotten the nomination in 2008. >> host: it was close, neck and neck. >> guest: very close, very neck and neck. you know, but you also have the public officials who were these special delegates too, and they were split on down the line too waiting to see who is gone, when this epic battle is in the primary, but i think people sort of forget, and even though jesse jackson used the coalition type strategy in the negotiations, it was all about independent black politics. we have all of these delegates, you know, this is a process that's unfair to candidates in general, particularly for this, and there's other issues but we're going to use the leverage of these mostly black delegates to get this one policy change within a democratic party, and so fo
shutdown or higher federal taxes. >> guest: you were talking earlier about the texas senate race, the primary on tuesday. and they have sort of an old-fashioned establishment conservative and lieutenant governor dewhurst and ted cruz as part of this up-and-coming new dynamic wing of the conservative, the conservative wing of the republican party. back in late may, they had their first round of primary balloting. they had about 1.5 million people who voted in that race and dewhurst came out on top. he didn't have 50% so under texas law they had this runoff system and now they are expecting about 350,000 people. those three ended and 50,000 people are part of what you just referred to as stand on principle and that is why a lot of people think he is the favorite right now. and what you get is sort of this primary -- primaries become more decided by just a narrow swath of the 350,000 in texas who are going to vote tuesday is that they can get a more hardened, more principled group of people on the right and on the left, and it makes that sort of raging to divide a heck of a lot more
? >> there in texas and this is in the bay area which has beautiful weather. this'll be the best place in the united states to watch a game of football. >>will: well there is a good feeling from the higher receipts as well? >> from a van perspective you can come here and in jure a gay kid there at all the seeds have a good feeling. >> we're putting our video board on the ends of the field where they should go. and as they say and watches the game they've been able to look up and see every play. >> >>mark: and >>will: see this machines in the middle of the field, that is approximately the 50 yd line. >>mark: we will be right back as kron 4 morning news continues. 3q finally carpet cleaning got easier. try resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. >>mark: is slow ed 680 southbound. when a temperature swing today. in looks like a pretty hot night also. >> the u.s. postal service is using a -- losing millions of dollars per day. the service could default aft
to their own people, like louisiana and texas. they do a bad job of providing public health, yet those governors are amongst the most rabid against putting in sensible reform. guest: thank you for the call. yes, henry kaiser was a major industrialist and his money was made available to a private family foundation -- i will quickly note, it is not related to kaiser permanente in any way. it is independent of that. but he is right, over the next year we will see hospitals and doctors pushing states to take the money into the expansion. they are going to say that this is good for people's health and they are more likely to seek preventive health care. recent studies show the being on medicaid lowers your mortality rate. the number of states that have said they are against the law are ones that have not had good medicaid benefits. in the southwest they have -- they face a big crunch. medicaid is different in every state. how good the program is a really depends on where you live. host: louisiana is one of the states that is making cuts. coast of this twitter message from jim -- -- host: th
and funeral services in ohio, illinois, and texas. for matt quinn and third generation navy man larimer who died while shielding their it girlfriends of gunfire -- >> greater love to lay down his life for friends. >> reporter: and for jessica, a budding sportscaster whose brother implored family and friends to find something p positive in the tragedy. >> if this coward could do this with this much hate, emergency what we can do with this much love. >> reporter: holmes, a 24-year-old dropout from a ph.d. program had been a patient of lynn fenton. his lawyers are asking that authorities turn over a package holmes sent to dr. fenton. fo former denver prosecutor steinhauser agrees the package is protected communication. >> any communications between the defendant and the psychiatrist are absolutely protected. we don't know at this point when the last time was that he had any communications with her. we don't know the nature of those communications and at this point those communications are protected. >> reporter: psychiatrist eric fisher says doctor/patient confidentiality has its limits. >> wh
a number of republican led states in florida, texas, louisiana to name a few who said, no, we're not going to do it. it's important to realize that right now it's early. states have another year plus to decide, and obviously, we have to pass the election as well. there could be a hole now. we could have some states expand in 20 # 14, and we could have some that don't. basically, if the states that do expand it, it's ruled out, and everyone under 133% qualifies for medicaid, and if you're above 133% up to 400% of the federal poverty level, you can qualify for subsidies in the new state health insurance exchanges or marketplaces where you go on line to buy health care and get government assistance. >> host: when we say "133 #% of the poverty level," that's $33,000 for a family of four. if you want to talk with phil about medicaid and how some states are making cuts to the program, here's the numbers to call. 20 # 2747001. republicans 202737002, and independs -- a republican in new york, good morning. >> caller: good morning. i'm a registered republican, and just coincidentally, my father kne
sensitive to it still. >> thank you. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. secretary, i want to go back to april of 2008. i think that is when you are president of the federal reserve bank in new york. the first addressed the issue of libor. where you aware in the fall of 2007 that informal e-mails were coming into the new york fed saying there is something up with libor? >> i cannot believe that i was aware of those specific concerns before that period. in response to your questions, my colleagues are going back and looking at the full range of things available. we will share that with you and make sure you have that. >> i was looking at your response to the bank of england about this disclosure. i thought we made were some structural recommendations of how libor could be more effective. here is my issue with that. -- if they were having structural problems, i thought your e-mail was appropriate. bobo was being disclosed is fraud. this rate is being manipulated. the special counsel for the federal financial crisis and permis
raft. in another, a couple from texas. elise and cole. >> i'm guessing it's going to be very wet and we might fall. so i'm kind of nervous. >> reporter: our adventure begins placidly enough through dramatic red rocks and ever changing current. you might spot a mountain goat grazing onshore. with travis as my guide, we conquer ledges. it was one called sunshine that got us. the raft flipped, i went under, time slowed, then the safety instructions kicked in. hold your breath, put your feet out in front, let the river flush you out. it wasn't graceful, but it worked. travis was apologetic. >> we just have a really light, small boat, so kind of had its way with you. not looking for this ride, we have bigger boats to get into. >> oh, don't worry. this is fun. seriously. this is fun. >> how bad does it look? >> it didn't look bad at all. >> she might be being a little generous. it was hilarious. >> it was funny. i know. >> i was on the verge of tears on the boat. >> i really enjoy showing people the river, getting them wet. as long as they're having a good time, i'm having a good time. that's
. 90s. southwest, rockies. triple digits in texas. >>> little doubt that one of the most memorable portions of friday's opening ceremony of the olympics was the part, queen elizabeth, james bond music, jumps out of the helicopter with james bond. >> really is cool. now we are learning more about the queen or should say the drag queen who pulled this off. there he is, dressed like the queen. he is 42-year-old veteran skydiver, gary connor, she's the leap into the games was the most memorable he has ever done. we saw the queen in the footage jumping with bond. you were seeing my boy right there. thought it was a clever, funny part of the 17-hour opening ceremonies. >> we would love to show it to you, since the olympics, occ, and network have primers. >> lots of rules with the footage. >> we may get fined. lose our jobs. you might like that actually. >> would mitt romney do anything differently in london after the controversial comments about the olympics? >> katie holmes reshapes her life without tom cruise, making big decisions about her family's future. do we see a mist year myster
from texas. elise and cole. >> i'm guessing it's going to be very wet and we might fall. so i'm kind of nervous. >> reporter: our adventure begins placidly enough through dramatic red rocks and ever-changing currents. you might spot a mountain goat grazing onshore. with travis as my guide, we caught the rapid named wall slammer, bone eater, one called sunshine, that got us. the raft flipped. i went under. time slowed. then the safety instructions kicked in. hold your breath. put your feet in front, let the river flush you out. it wasn't graceful, but it worked. travis was apologetic. >> a really light boat. so kind of had its way with us. bigger boats you can get into. >> don't worry. this is fun. seriously. this is fun. >> reporter: hoe bad did it look? >> it didn't look bad at all. >> she might have been a little generous. hilarious. >> it was very funny. >> i was -- at the verge of tears. >> i really enjoy showing people the river, getting them wet. as long as they're having a good time, i'm having a good time. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: really, on this day for travi
into missouri, parts of texas, going to be in the real bullsey for the heat this week.. we, on the other hands, will enjoy seasonal temperatures, ou tehighs in the upper 80s to 900 we have some showers pushing into western missouri, and iowa. that's about it. otherwise, we have a frontal system in the carolinas thatca will stay to the south, and we should be enjoying sunshine with just a few scattered showers anw there's your 5-day, lessle humidity by thursday and friday. >> i like that. >> uh-huh. >> very good.>> >> let's go to julie wright.ul she has the latest on the rush hour traffic.ic >> good morning, right now onon the roads, your going to find traffic have and steady. all lanes hope.ho northbound i 95, has the -- but again, traffic remains slow. this is typical for this hour. as you travel north, more delays, # 95 on the brakes, top stretch of the belt way, lanesl are open, but heading though -- southbound 270 tied up with delays reading 109. that's a check of the fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> the summer olympics are ina full china is leading the medal countcoun with a
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